Ten Month Program

The Ten Month Program provides subject matter experts in bi-weekly classroom training over a ten-month period. This fifty-five hour program allows leaders to work on their organization while they work in their organization. Each leader is provided with an experienced business person as a coach during their training.

Program Overview

  • Vision, Mission and Purpose. Refine your message…
  • Fundraising 1… Soup to nuts. All aspects of personal/small foundation fundraising are covered. Plug and play scripts and visuals are provided.
  • Board Development: Roles and Responsibilities. Initial baseline for improving your board.
  • Personal Productivity. Learn techniques to manage your inputs and time to maximize personal and organizational effectiveness.
  • Develop a 2-page organization summary & Budget for a ‘leave behind’ when meeting people interested in supporting your organization with their time talent and treasure. A key tool to tell your story, and get to the ask.
  • Strategic Plan. Develop a short (8pg) plan for your organization. The format is also useful for foundation proposals.
  • Program definition and measurement… defining the key parts of your programs, and measuring their impact.
  • Making an Impact on the Internet… how to improve your website for search engine optimization, Google Adwords for Non profits, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Short Oral Presentations and Graduation Planning. Show your ability to give a short (5 min max) exposition of your organization, and learn what’s expected for the graduation.
  • Legal Issues and Pro Bono Services. Current Legal issues, as well as how to use the free resources of Pro Bono Legal Services.
  • Fundraising 2… Class will focus on making the ask at face to face meetings.
  • Board Development: Defining your needs and Recruiting people to fill them.
  • Fundraising Practice… a morning of real world practice, making your ‘ask’ pitch to five experienced donors, and receiving their feedback and suggestions.
  • Microsoft Office… increase your productivity.
  • Volunteer management… How to recruit, train and care for your volunteers so they are productive and stay with your organization.
  • Insurance. What are the types of insurance your organization needs to have to cover its liabilities?
  • Accounting. Current issues and key systems, particularly cash management systems to minimize opportunities for fraud.
  • Graduation Dry Run… Practice presentation in front of class mates and presentation experts from a major local corporation. Receive constructive ideas for improving the materials and impact.
  • Graduation… make a short (10 min) presentation to a panel of Foundation and Church representatives, receive written and verbal feedback on your presentation.

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